If you believe, You have half achieved

They say that the mind is the master of the human body. It frames each action before defining and directing the same to various senses. The mind feeds on human thoughts. Thoughts, in turn, are the product of human experiences. Moreover, the human experience depends on one’s behavior, which in turn, depends on the way one practices his life. Interestingly, if one can control his day-to-day practice, he can not only control the mind but also his fortunate fate.

Determination, optimism, and rationality are the attires of successful people. With these attributes, most of the goals of life are attainable. Deviation and Distraction are the key counters that sprout the failure in some or the other way. It is indeed true that all of us initiate our journey with full determination and optimism but most of us (>90%) never reach the goal. The main reason for this is the loss of faith, determination, and confidence which technically arises from an uncontrolled mind.

The best way of controlling the mind is to feed it with positive thoughts and experiences. This can lead to a positive mind. The more positive the mind, the more positive the actions, and ultimately a positive outlook full of optimism. Remember, a positive mind only absorbs the positive aspects of the failure and hence, hardly affects the determination and rationality. Therefore, a positive controlled mind is necessary to minimize distraction and deviation. This is the secret of a successful life.

In summary, it won’t be inappropriate to believe that a man with a controlled and positive mind can architect his own fate in whatever way he wants.



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